Why should you read codebitshub.com?

The codebitshub.com started in 2022 intending to help people who are interested in programming, especially in the Front End engineering field. In its pages, you can find interesting pieces of information that a programmer or a Front End Engineer could face in his daily life and they represent the author’s personal opinion on every topic.

What are the topics that I will cover?

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss what areas the content will be primarily, focused on.

Firstly, modern libraries and frameworks like React, Redux, Vue JS, Angular JS, Node JS, and testing tools.

Secondly, useful and popular packages from the NPM ecosystem for building good scalable and reliable interfaces.

Thirdly, I will include reusable snippets, techniques, algorithms, and best market practices.

Moreover, useful tutorials and presentations on how to build application interfaces.

In addition, popular CMS like WordPress and Joomla.

Finally, reviews and comparisons.

Who should read codebitshub.com?

Anyone who loves to code could take the benefit of reading codebitshub.com. Learning is a slow procedure based on sharing knowledge and opinion exchange at any experience level.

Short bio

Myron Apostolakis - codebitshub.com

My name is Myron Apostolakis and I am a software engineer with expertise in the Front End Engineering sector. I consider myself to be a constant learner and a big supporter of personal growth. Furthermore, I am excited about social equity, entrepreneurship, and above all, the open-source community and culture.

As far as it concerns my studies, I hold an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from the NTUA and an MSc degree in Multimedia and Electronic Commerce from the CSD.

Regarding the IT industry, I have worked for almost a decade as a freelancer and several companies as a Web Developer, Front End Engineer, and business consultant. 

Besides that, I am currently working as a Front End Engineer, for the Sunlight.io company which is a start-up company that develops the fastest and smallest footprint hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) stack.

As a side note, I live in Greece on the island of Crete. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends and family, work out, play music, and go fishing.

If you are interested to know more about me you can visit my website or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Finally, I have to mention that I will update codebitshub.com once per week so please feel free to register in my newsletter to stay tuned.

Happy coding


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